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We are a leader company in the microencapsulation area. Our technology allows the incorporation of different active substances (natural products, biocide, etc.) into a polymeric microcapsuleA slow gradual release mechanism with a controlled long residual effect lets improve its persistence and facilitates its use for controlling plagues that are present in our environment and arthropods linked with diseases of vector transmission such as Chagas, malaria or dengue.


Our technology, worldwide patented, is used in different areas as public health, animal health and agriculture, either for our own formulations or for third companies products.


Our way of action has an integral approach: we analyse each situation to execute the project, we provide specific solutions and finally we monitor and evaluate the results. This allows us to continually improve our projects and products.

Which kind of Pest can you control 


with Inesfly Products?


TV Commercials

Ants   Bedbugs   Beetles  Cockroaches  Fleas Flies mites Crickets Gnats Weevils Beetles Grasshoppers

Mosquitoes  Sandflies  Scorpions Ticks Locusts Spiders Caterpillars Aphids Thrips Wasps Bees and many more

Techical Video

  • Affecting public health: malaria, Chagas, dengue, leishmanias, trypanomiasis, scorprionism, allergies, encephalitis, west nile virus, yellow fever.

  • Affecting animals: animal trypanosomiasis, blue tong, leishmaniasis, theleriosis, schmallenburg virus, anaemia (horn fly of cattle).

  • Affecting crops and ornamentals: palms borer (red palm weevil), viruses in citrus and horticulture.

By Pilar Mateo

Specific Properties

  • Long term insecticide effectiveness

  • Effective at all stages of insect’s life-cycle

  • Scientific studies published

  • Safe for people and animals.

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