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‘Inesfly will fightbugs in educational institutions’

Inesfly Africa Limited, an insecticide manufacturing company, has rolled out a campaign strategy to rid all educational institutions across the country of bedbugs.

According to the company, while “the campaign is in line the company’s general strategy of eradicating insect-vectors in multi-sectors including public health, hospitality and veterinary health, the menace of bedbug infestations in our educationals institutions has called for an urgent response to curtail the situation before it escalates into a national disaster”. 

Explaining the process, the Chief Commercial Officer at Inesfly Africa, Mr. David Afugani, said  the company would undertake a series of corporate social responsibility activities in selected educational institutions ranging from basic to tertiary institutions.

“Many schools have benefited from this initiative in the past, yet the company is determined to extend support to as many schools as possible” he said.

Alongside the corporate social responsibility activities, Mr Afugani said Inesfly Africa had designed a 500ml bedbug solution exclusively for students.

“Already, the company has a 100ml bedbug solution in the market which is highly patronized by students, but upon a thorough assessment of the current bedbug menace threatening educational institutions, the company put together a special 500ml bedbug solution purposely for students at a slightly higher price than the 100ml bedbug solution for the regular market” he said.


Throwing more light on the rationale behind the current strategy, Mr Afugani, said the plight of students had always been an integral part of Inesfly’s vision, and  that the company could not but do everything to “ensure that students are free from insect-pests in order to carry on with their learning activities”.

“Students need a very conducive learning environment rid of the fear of insect bites and vector transmitted diseases. Sadly, this is not the case, and very soon, the situation will get out of hand if nothing is done.  Inesfly Africa has the one-stop solution to fighting bedbugs and other insect-pests, and we believe that while liaising with the relevant stakeholders to deliver our promise, we can, in the meantime, meet students half-way in addressing the crisis,”  he added.

Mr Afugani said two weeks ago, Inesfly Africa painted 10 CHPS compounds in ten districts in the Greater Accra Region, adding  that “company is also in collaboration with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to ensure that our public toilets are rid of insect-vectors”.


“With the current campaign to reach out to students with the 500ml bedbug solution, Inesfly Africa is certain that would significantly curb the spread of bedbugs in schools and reduce the risk of onward transfer to our homes” he said.

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