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INESFLY EM HOUSE FLOOR CLEANER is a floor cleaner that contains microencapsulated active ingredients for the control of crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas) on surfaces where the product is applied. This product is formulated to remove all kind of dirtiness, specially greasy and oily dirt. The neutral pH allows it to be uses on all types of pavements. It can be used on floors and surfaces where there is a need for good cleaning and protection against crawling insects: warehouses, storage rooms, terraces, basements, cellars, pantries, kitchens, etc. Its composition ensures low foam formation when used in sweeping machines. Contains an aroma that provides a pleasant scent. The insecticide effect of INESFLY EM HOUSE FLOOR CLEANER protects surfaces for 25 days (unless floor is cleaned anew).


Click here for the Safety Data Sheet.

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