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Hospitality products


Keep Out Unwelcome Guests


Proactive and preventive pest control is important for hotels and restaurants. Not only because these areas are more vulnerable to pest threats, but also because of the impact pest infestations can have on the reputation of your hotel or restaurant. There is no bigger deterrent for potential customers than the sight of insects around food or Insects in their hotel bed- and bathrooms. Make sure your premises is completely insect-free with Inesfly Insect Control products - perfect for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, take-away establishments, kiosks and more.


The different Inesfly Insecticide Products protect your hotel and restaurant from insects for a period of up to two years, while being safe for humans and pets. Ensure your customers return again and again by keeping your premises insect-free!



Cockroaches carry dangerous diseases, such as cholera, typhoid and salmonella food poisoning. The presence of cockroaches often causes fear and anxiety for hotel/restaurant guests and threaten your health and hygiene reputation.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are becoming a major issue in hotels in many parts of the world. All hotels are at risk from bedbugs, but especially those where there are large numbers of international travelers or those that have patrons that move frequently between hotels.



Mosquitoes are transmitters of potentially fatal diseases, such as Dengue and Malaria. They can be a nuisance, especially if encountered in larger numbers.



There are few pests as annoying as flies, especially if there are larger numbers of them. Flies also carry and spread diseases, like cholera and salmonella food poisoning. A fly infestation can seriously harm a hotel's reputation, especially if guests are falling sick after having eaten.

Inesfly insecticide exterior paint kills and repels all insects and repels reptiles for up to 2 years.

Effective against insects for up to

2 years

Inesfly interior paint kills and repels all insects and repels reptiles for up to 2 years.

Effective against insects for up to 2 years

Inesfly body insect repellents come in 30ml and 100ml packaging and repels insects for up to 6 hours depending on aeration.

Effective against insects for up to 6 hours

Inesfly floor cleaners kills ants and cockroaches and repels all insects for up to 7 days with 1 application.

Effective against insects for up to to 2 weeks

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