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Experience the world of Inesfly Products:


Inesfly products are the safe, durable and affordable way to treat your environment against insects effectively and efficiently.


Arthropod pests such as mosquitos, flies and mites represent one of the most serious forms of hazards for public health. These insects are one of the main transmitters of epidemic diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Chagas disease and many others. Worldwide, the World Health Organization estimates that more than 3 billion people have been affected with diseases transmitted by these insects.


Moreover, the presence of certain insects can cause other health problems such as allergies, bites, and food poisoning. Insects can also cause serious harm to both domestic and farm animals.


Inesfly Products will considerably increase the quality of life for those using our products. With no side effects, Inesfly products will drastically reduce the amount of insects, such as mosquitos, flies and cockroaches in your direct surroundings and immediately improve your living conditions as well as your health and hygiene conditions.


Inesfly Products will keep your residence, office, factory, warehouse or manholes free of insects for a period for up to two years.


Inesfly uses a new technology with polymeric microcapsules. These allow the insecticides to be released in a gradual and slow manner, therefore persisting and prolonging the active duration of the ingredients whilst remaining totally safe and harmless to humans and pets. 

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