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Vision and Mission




To bring effective, innovative and long-term vector control treatments to people living in areas affected by vector-borne diseases in order to improve their living and health conditions. We do this by continuously doing research and developing new technologies.




To become the leading company in vector-control treatments in Africa in order to curve the infestation and create a healthy and safe environment.




Dignity. We put all our efforts in restoring the dignity of people living in precarious health conditions affected by the massive presence of insects in their environment.


Social Responsibility. A portion of our profits will be reinvested in the people who need it the most. Inesfly supports projects relating to the improvement of health and (vocational) education, in particular of indigenous women. Moreover, Inesfly has a continuous focus on research aiming at timely solution of problems affecting the public health, agriculture and veterinarian sector.


Leadership. We seek excellence in our work and aspire to be pioneers in the technologies that we develop.

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