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Inesfly Africa Limited collaborates with AMA to improve public health

Inesfly Africa Limited and the Public Health Department of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) have joined hands to provide lasting solutions to the menace of vector transmitted infestations in the metropolis.

The partnership which will be executed in phases over a two-year period will see to the treatment of major places of public activities which are high risk areas regarding vector development and disease transmission such as malaria and cholera.

These include public toilets, restaurants (chop bars), meat shops, health facilities, and the hospitality sector.

Ahead of the implementation of the two-year strategic plan, environmental health officers representing all sub metros in the metropolis received training last Monday, 19th December, 2016, at the head office of Inesfly Africa Limited in Accra.

The team, among others, was taken through the Inesfly technology and range of products as well as how to apply them for best results.

It uses the microencapsulation technology which allows for a slow and gradual release of insecticides entrapped in microcapsules thus making them safe for humans and pets.

As a leader in the provision of lasting solutions to vector-borne diseases and infestations across multi-sectors such as public health, agriculture, hospitality and veterinary health in the country and the African continent, Inesfly Africa Limited has a range of products including insecticide paints, floor cleaners, EM House against bedbug infestation and body repellents, among others.

“This strategic partnership with Inesfly Africa Limited is part of the assembly’s commitment to improving public health in the metropolis and making public places safe for all of us”, Mr. Victor Acquaye of the Public Health Department said.

Vector related infestations have been a bane all through the country and Accra is no exception. With the high infestation of public places by insect-pests such as bedbugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches and houseflies, it is about time city authorities liaise with relevant bodies to nib the situation in the bud.

“We in Inesfly Africa Limited are committed to reducing vector-borne diseases and ultimately eradicate them. So we are having a close collaboration with the relevant bodies and institutions in order to achieve the common goal”, David Afugani, Sales Director at Inesfly Africa Limited, remarked.

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